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Quayside reception

You will be welcomed personally on arriving at the Port of Cannes and on departure; we escort you from the Port entrance to your berth and provide assistance with mooring your vessel and getting underway. Operating exclusively at the Port of Cannes, our divers prepare your mooring prior to your arrival at the Port as soon as conditions allow, and systematically respond to any requests for assistance throughout your stay. Rigour, efficiency and a speedy response … we have put everything in place to offer you a unique stay.


Our yachting services

Diving service

Port de Cannes - Service d'escorte maritime

Maritime escort

Port de Cannes - Service d'amarrage appareillage

Help with mooring / casting off

Port de Cannes - Service de livraison de repas à bord

On-board meal

Delivery service

Réception de colis

parcel collection

Port de Cannes - Service de boutique du port

Port shop

Port de Cannes - Croisières - Service dockers


Luggage and keys

View all the facilities

Our boatyard services

Is your vessel in need of repairs?
Come to our boatyard area on Quai Laubeuf, where our experienced team is ready to assist you with any maintenance wor

Reserve a berth

Book your berth at Port de Cannes

Book your berth at the Old Port of Cannes for a short, long or year-round stay, or for conferences, trade fairs and trade events!


Port de Cannes - Horaires d'ouverture

June < August

8 am - 8 pm

May and September

8 am - 7 pm

October > April

8 am - 6 pm (Mon-Fri)

8 : 30 am - 5 pm (Weekends and public holidays)