The Maison des Plaisanciers (clubhouse) - Port de Cannes
Port de Cannes - Maison des plaisanciers

The Maison des Plaisanciers Clubhouse

A wonderful setting in which to get together, the Maison des Plaisanciers welcomes you all year round when you call at the Old Port in Cannes. Ideally located at the very centre of the port’s water body, this service hub offers a broad selection of modern facilities.

The building, designed to sustainable development standards, is harmoniously integrated into the port environment, and offers a wide variety of indoor and outdoor areas.

A broad range of services

Port de Cannes - écrans TV

Weather forecast

Port de Cannes - Service bibliothèque


Port de Cannes - recharge smartphone

Smartphone recharging

Port de Cannes - fontaine à eau

Water fountain

Port de Cannes - Service de boisson et snack

Relaxation area

Drinks and snacks

Port de Cannes - Service de vélos électriques

Electric vehicle charging station

Port de Cannes - Service de laverie


Port de Cannes - Service de douche


Port de Cannes - toilettes

Sanitary facilities

Port de Cannes - climatisation

Air conditioning

Port de Cannes - Service de recyclage

Waste sorting

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A participative library

In the centre of the building, shipping forecasts are broadcast live on the screen and touch terminal. You will also find a host of practical and useful information to make your call at the port and your stay in the city of Cannes as enjoyable as possible. Finally, a self-service participative library and online press service are available on site.

An eco-friendly construction

Built around a wooden structure, the building was designed with sustainable development in mind, to ensure it is perfectly integrated into its environment: its location, orientation and external appearance were carefully studied to guarantee optimal visual harmony. Resources have been optimised from an ecological standpoint: hot water production using a solar water heater, LED lighting, thermal insulation and time-controlled showers and taps designed to limit consumption.