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Port de Cannes - Carénage


Is your vessel in need of repairs?

Come to our boatyard area on Quai Laubeuf, where our experienced team is ready to assist you with any maintenance work. At the Old Port of Cannes, we have invested in high-quality equipment and infrastructure so that we can satisfy your needs to the best of our abilities.

To book a place in the boatyard at the Old Port in Cannes, contact us directly by phone or fill in the online form.

Our shipyard services

Événement - parking du port de Cannes

37 berths

< 10 metres

Port de Cannes - Carénage - Darse

Harbour basin

100 tonnes

Port de Cannes - Carénage - Levage et calage

Lifting / Cradling

Port de Cannes - Carénage - Chargement et déchargement de remorque

Trailer loading / unloading

Port de Cannes - Carénage - Chariot élévateur


2,5 and 3,5 tonnes

Port de Cannes - Carénage - Grue mobile

Mobile crane

30 tonnes

Port de Cannes - Carénage - Portique élévateur

Gantry crane

100 tonnes

Port de Cannes - Carénage - Nacelle élévatrice

Aerial lift

with operating height of 15.4 metres

Port de Cannes - Carénage - Espace d'accueil client

Reception area

Port de Cannes - Service de boisson et snack

Lounge area

snacks, coffee, seating

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Our boatyard rates

We offer individual berthing and handling rates based on the size of your vessel.

The turnkey service

The Port of Cannes, in partnership with the Hook platform, is offering you the chance to benefit from a turnkey boatyard service. The concierge company selects a reliable provider at a fair price and coordinates the service: your space in the boatyard area is booked, your boat is transported and the boatyard service requested is carried out. Provide information on your boat on the platform and book a time slot that suits you!

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Service providers in the region

You are free to choose which service providers you would like to work on the repair and maintenance of your vessel. To help you decide, we have identified the known service providers in the region.

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Port de Cannes - Horaires d'ouverture

June < August

8 am - 8 pm

May and September

8 am - 7 pm

October > April

8 am - 6 pm (Mon-Fri)

8 : 30 am - 5 pm (Weekends and public holidays)