Outdoor event venues at Port de Cannes - Port de Cannes
Port de Cannes - Espaces événementiels

Outdoor areas

Large-scale, open-air spaces right in the city centre of Cannes. Facing out to the sea, surrounded by the charming Le Suquet neighbourhood, the Pantiero esplanade and terrace are some of the largest reception venues in Cannes.

Pantiero esplanade

One of the largest reception venues in Cannes, ideal for organising prestigious events either in marquees or in the open, the Esplanade is ideally located and highly visible to the general public.

5200 sq. m
1 T/sq. m
Max. load
5000 pax

Pantiero terrace

A private and intimate spot, with a breathtaking views of the sea and the berthed yachts. An ideal venue for organising “on the waterfront” events, as it can be booked together with the Esplanade and/or the Port Terminal.

1200 sq. m
500 Kg
Max. load
1100 pax

Pantiero Islet

This modular, dazzling aquatic platform is in a class of its own, ideal for original and unforgettable events, whether held at day or at night.

270 sq. m
250 Kg
Max. load
wooden terrace
270 pax

The Belvedere

Located at the end of the Albert-Edouard pier, a venue overlooking the water and offering an exceptional panoramic view from La Croisette to the historical neighbourhood of Le Suquet.

185 sq. m
450 Kg/sq. m
Max. load
150 pax


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Horaires d'ouverture de l'espace événementiel du Port de Cannes

8 am – 6 pm