Parking Pantiero - Port de Cannes

Pantiero car park

Port de Cannes car park

Pantiero car park provides covered parking 24H/day, 7 days/week, right in the city centre, and occupies an unbeatable location close to all events held on the Croisette, just a stone’s throw from the Palais des Festivals and shopping district.

560 spaces
Parking du Port de Cannes ouverture 24h/24 - 7j/7
24H/day, 7 days/week
Horaire d'ouverture des parking du Port de Cannes
7 AM to 6.30 PM
Parking de Port de Cannes - Caisses automatiques
Automatic parking meter and exit terminals
Vidéo surveillance au parkings du Port de Cannes
Round-the-clock CCTV
Hauteur des parkings du Port de Cannes
2.4 metres
On 1st level

Rates and subscriptions for the port de Cannes car park

Pantiero car park offers you an attractive range of parking rates and subscriptions to suit your needs. General public, pleasure boaters, event exhibitors and technicians: check out our special rates!

Pantiero car park rates - general public

Pantiero car park 1st quarter
of an hour
2nd quarter
of an hour
3rd quarter
of an hour
4th quarter
of an hour
1st hour €0,90 €0,90 €0,90 €0,70
2nd hour €0,80 €0,80 €0,80 €0,80
3rd hour €0,80 €0,80 €0,70 €0,70
4th hour €0,40 €0,40 €0,40 €0,40
5th hour €0,40 €0,40 €0,40 €0,40
6th hour €0,40 €0,40 €0,40 €0,40
7th hour €0,30 €0,30 €0,30 €0,30
8th hour €0,30 €0,30 €0,30 €0,30
9th hour €0,30 €0,30 €0,30 €0,30
10th hour €0,30 €0,30 €0,30 €0,30
11th hour €0,30 €0,30 €0,30 €0,30

Pantiero car park special deals - general public

24-hour flat-rate €32.00 incl. tax
Weekly flat-rate €89.00 incl. tax
10-day flat-rate (July & August only) €99.00 incl. tax
15-day flat-rate (July & August only) €121.00 incl. tax
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Pantiero car park subscriptions - general public

Yearly subscription €1048 incl. tax
10-month subscription €873.00 incl. tax
6-month subscription €541.00 incl. tax
3-month subscription €320.00 incl. tax
1-month subscription €149.00 incl. tax

Are you a pleasure boater at the Old Port of Cannes, with an annual subscription or long-term contract? Check out our subscription offers or opt for a pre-paid card. You will be offered 10% off General Public rates.

Pantiero car park rates - pleasure boaters

Yearly subscription €887.00 incl. tax
6-month subscription €456.00 incl. tax
3-month subscription €270.00 incl. tax
1-month subscription €109.00 incl. tax €109.00 incl. tax
Debit card (valid for 1 year) per 100 h €156.00 incl. tax

Are you an exhibitor or technician who is part of the organisation team for a trade event to be held in the port area? We have special daily rates to offer you, for maximum flexibility.

Pantiero car park rates - exhibitors and technicians

Conventionists and exhibitors



Assembling and disassembling



Promenade de la Pantiero 06400 Cannes