Workshop to learn about safety and sea rescue - Port de Cannes

Workshop to learn about safety and sea rescue

5 July 2021

Since January, the Old Port has been offering boaters the opportunity to attend workshops on various topics. A recap of the most recent event “safety and sea rescue”.

Safety and sea rescue workshop organized in partnership with the SNSM

Each year, the Old Port of Cannes usually holds a customer meeting that aims to present actions that have been implemented, the achievements of the previous year and future projects to interested parties. As the meeting was not able to go ahead this year due to the public health situation, the Leisure boating team instead offered “discovery” workshops. They are free, and were designed based on the pleasure boaters’ preferences and in partnership with SNSM (the French national sea rescue association)*.

Participants in the fifth workshop on 6 May were welcomed in the Britannia room of the marine terminal for a three-part presentation on “regulations, safety and sea rescue”.

Safety at sea: CROSS MED’s missions

The first part was devoted to CROSS MED (French regional operational centre for monitoring and rescue in the Mediterranean),  represented by its Shift Supervisor. In particular, he explained to the pleasure boaters their main roles in France: search and rescue, monitoring of maritime sailing and pollution; distributing information on safety at sea.

Sea rescue: Focus on SNSM squad intervention

Jean-François Léonard, President of the SNSM Cannes and Golfe Juan station, led the second part of the workshop. He outlined to the audience the procedures followed by SNSM response crews (swimmers, life guards, divers), in particular with regards to boats that are not accessible via the rescue launch.

Pratice and use of lifeboats on board pleasure boats

Finally, for the last section, Romano Riccitelli, the Safety Manager at the Old Port of Cannes, carried out a demonstration of the use of the lifeboats loaded on board pleasure boats. What should you do if the lifeboat is hit? The pleasure boaters enjoyed a detailed presentation of the equipment and a reminder of the good practices to follow if you are ever in such a situation.

The workshop concluded with a discussion between the pleasure boaters and the speakers. Positive feedback from a pleasure boater at the port who first took part in the workshop on mechanics and the upkeep of motors, and then in the talk on safety: “I went back because I found it to be a great initiative that allows pleasure boaters to learn technical and safety information about the port, including instructions to follow that we aren’t otherwise really aware of!”.

* SNSM is an organisation whose goals are to save human lives in the sea and on the coast, train lifeguards, and take part in civil safety missions, all while carrying out permanent danger prevention measures for people using the sea.