Maritime Regulation - Port de Cannes
Réglementation Maritime du Port de Cannes

Maritime regulation

To make sure the sea is always a pleasure, everyone needs to be able to sail safely. So before weighing anchor and setting sail, read through the maritime regulations applicable in the Bay of Cannes.

Navigation on the approach to the Old Port in Cannes

  1. Position: 43° 32′ 42″ N – 7° 01′ 06″ E
  2. VHF: channel 12
  3. SHOM 7205 – 7409 / Navicarte 501
  4. Enter port between the West jetty and the Sécant tower, which indicates the shallow water limits
  5. Maximum speed: 3 knots

Maritime regulations in the Bay of Cannes

1. A 5-knot speed limit applies to vessels, boats and watercraft of all types in the channel between the islands of St. Marguerite and St. Honorat, between the following alignments: the islets of la Tradelière / St Féréol to the East and Pointe du Dragon (St. Marguerite Island) / Pointe Barbier (St. Honorat Island) to the West.

2. A 3-knot speed limit applies to vessels, boats and watercraft of all types in the authorised anchorage area.

3. Motor craft must remain outside the 300-metre coastal band. A speed limit of 10 knots applies to vessels, boats and watercraft of all types in a section of the Bay of Cannes between the following alignments: St. Marguerite Fort (on St Marguerite Island) / the Palm Beach Casino to the East, and Batéguier Fort (on St Marguerite Island) / entrance light to the Old Port of Cannes to the West.

4. The water police (lifeguards / CRS security police) will punish offenders every time these regulations are not followed.

5. Watercraft (scooters, jet-skis etc.) are not allowed to operate within 300 m of the coastline (including the islands). This includes shore access channels, channels reserved for high-speed nautical sports, as well as the zones listed below in the safety at sea leaflet.

Règlement Maritime du port de Cannes

Impact of the heliport

Located at the end of the jetty, between the two lighthouses, the heliport provides a public helicopter landing area, available on request. Helicopter traffic is particularly busy during the events season. For this reason, during helicopter movements near the landing area, pleasure boaters must take special care near the heliport when entering or leaving the Old Port.