Discovery workshops for pleasure boaters - Port de Cannes

Discovery workshops for pleasure boaters

25 January 2021

The Old Port is offering pleasure boaters the opportunity to attend workshops on various topics. From mooring to fairing, through to the world of sailing, these free workshops have already demonstrated their popularity.

Each year at the Old Port, a customer meeting is held for those who are interested, to showcase the actions carried out, the balance sheet for the past year and the presentation of future projects. However, this major and highly anticipated friendly meeting will not take place this year due to the current health situation. For this reason, the Port has made the decision to offer “discovery” workshops instead.

Workshops chosen by pleasure boaters and designed with the help of the SNSM

A questionnaire has already been sent to pleasure boaters from the port to determine their preferences, bringing to light the different topics that will be showcased. Pleasure boaters from the Port of Cannes have already shown their enthusiasm for this initiative by responding to the first proposed session on Thursday 21 January. These free workshops are designed in partnership with the French National Marine Rescue Company (SNSM), to which a donation can be made during the sessions. There are a limited number of spaces available and of course, a health protocol is in place.

The agenda for upcoming workshops

11 February: The world of sailing
18 March: Engines and electrics
4 April: Fairing
6 May : Regulations, safety and accidents

Other workshops will be held from next September on the remaining topics, such as weather, ecology and fishing.

How do I register?

Please register using the form addressed directly to customers of the Port. These workshops are intended only for pleasure boater customers of the Old Port of Cannes, they are not open to the public.